Iphone iOS 15 Features We Want

iPhone iOS 15 Features We Want 

Aaron here for solo tech and iOS 15 is under 25 days away from being shown for the first time at the worldwide developer conference on June 7th.

iPhone iOS 15 Features We Want

And so I thought we'd go over some of the things we want to see most with iOS 15, I've talked about what the leaks are and the rumors and the supported devices, but there's a bunch of things you want to see most. And I think some of those will actually be coming to iOS 15.

I asked a question on Twitter. What feature do you want Apple to add to iOS 15?

The most there were over 250 responses. And based on that information, I categorized it into what you wanted to see most. Now, the first thing I want to see most actually is under settings and battery. So under battery, under battery health, currently, it just tells us a hundred percent. I've talked about this before, Read more:

where I personally would like to see them change this to good, bad, or change your battery or something along those lines where we had maybe a

stoplight system, a littleless percentage details, because this causes a lot of anxiety and I get messaged multiple times every day about this. So, or maybe more clarification for this, I would also like to see under the last 10 days, the last charge.

So since the last charge, I want to see how much power I've used. This currently only shows the past 24 hours while charging or not charging. So if you're charging during this, you can actually change these results to be higher than they really are. So I would like to see more clarification on this a little bit better overview of your actual battery usage.

Now, the first thing you wanted to see most had to do with an overall redesign or an overhaul back in 2013, we had iOS seven. We haven't seen a redesign since. So we went from iOS six to iOS seven, which looked like this.

So it reverted to sort of a flat design. And we've had that flat design for about eight years at this point. So most people want to see a redesign with updated icons and things like that. And again, I'm using Angelo Libero designs to show you what could be the future of iOS 15 within a redesigned multi-tasker maybe clipboard at the bottom.

And he allowed me to use these photos. So I really appreciate it. So along with that, many people want to see updated icons. People are sick of the flat icons, or maybe just the icons in general, and many people also want to see the home screen in landscape mode.

Now we used to have this on older devices and still do on some of them, but it's only on the Plus model phones. They ended this with the iPhone eight plus for the most part. And we haven't had it since with face ID. So it's something a lot of people want to see more of. Also, many people want to see a close-all apps button, so where you would have your apps tap a button and it would close everything.

So that's the first thing, a complete redesign with some changes there. The next thing most people want to see is a split-screen. And I think we're going to see, and again, you'll have that close all button here. You would have the option to do a split-screen and it would look something like this. It makes a lot of sense. We've seen it on other operating systems. We've even seen it on iPad with split-screen. So we have that option there. They could just call it split view and we'll see that hopefully on iOS 15.

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This has been rumored for a long time. So we may not actually, see it, but hopefully, we will. Now the next thing a lot of people want to see is a redesigned lock screen. So what that would mean is maybe

some better notifications like this, where you would have your notifications along the top, maybe of your different apps, maybe your calendar widget, your weather, widget, whatever, whatever you would like, you would be able to customize.

This makes a lot of sense.

And a lot of people want to see this along with what could be an always-on display, maybe on new phones, like you get with the Apple watch. When you kind of tilt it down, it goes into a sort of asleep, one Hertz mode where it leaves the display on all the time but doesn't really use much battery at all.

So that would be really nice if they can vary the refresh rate on the display, although this might be reserved for something like an iPhone 13, for example. So that seems to make a lot of sense. Now, many of you have wanted interactive widgets since Apple launched widgets with iOS 14, the widgets are really helpful, but the problem with them is they're not in real time. So for example, this weather widget. If I tap on it, it's showing that it's 72 degrees Fahrenheit, where I live the widgets showing 71, the widget updates based on when the developer says to update, to try and save some battery, we would love to see interactive widgets, whether that be with music or maybe reminders, where you could just interact right here without going into the app.


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