10 ACTUALLY Useful iPhone Tips 2021

10 ACTUALLY Useful iPhone Tips 2021

hey everybody Harris herewith I download the blog so in this video I want to present ten tips that I think will be both useful practical and hopefully novel as well I haven't seen these tips on the internet elsewhere at At least most of me haven't I'm hoping at least half of these are going to be new for you the viewer.

10 ACTUALLY Useful iPhone Tips 2021

I've made a couple other of these useful tip videos which people have really liked I'll leave those linked in the description let's go ahead and get started right now okay so number one is actually in the calendar application and then some it's kind of interesting so if you go in and add a new calendar event and you go into the time to schedule it if you double-tap the minutes you get into 1-minute granularity instead of five minutes this is interesting because this doesn't work and say reminders.

 But in the calendar you can double-tap so you can see it goes from one-minute increments to five minute increments just by double-tapping so if I want to set my alarm for 953 I can whereas before I don't have to do 950 or 55 it's a weird little trick but it's something that I did notice next so of course, you know that you can press the 1 2 3 key on your keyboard to get into the other keyboards and you can do a number or whatever.

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but something that I found that's pretty cool if you hold the 1 2 3 buttons you go to the key that you want so if I say exclamation point here I press it and let go it'll automatically go back whereas before if I just tap it and then do that it'll stay but if I'm just trying to add one key I just hold bring it over and it brings me right back to the keyboard and that's really handy.

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