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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Top Features you MUST see

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2   Top Features you MUST see!! So I’m about to show you some sick Features on the Samsung galaxy Z fold 2 that some phones just don’t Have From camera tricks to multi-tasking fast Navigation and Some quick tips these are my top Features for the galaxy Z fold 2 along with some awesome free Wallpapers. So let’s get into it One of the coolest things about the z-fold 2 is all the different cameras you can use on this phone thanks to the fold so first up if you open up the camera and then open up your fold the entire screen becomes your viewfinder but if you click on this little icon it’ll actually show you a preview of your previous picture and move all the dials and controls to the right-hand side. So it’s just a little bit easier to take a picture then also another really nifty feature is folding the phone into flex mode and having the camera face whatever you want to shoot as you can see when it enters flex mode the viewfinder is on the top and all your dials a

WhatsApp iPhone Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp iPhone Tips and Tricks So you guys may not have known but iPhones actually have quite a couple differences within WhatsApp compared to other Android devices things like the blur tool Siri shortcuts and voice recordings so if you have what's up stick around because you're about to learn something new and I have a couple-three wallpaper for you guys at the end so let's get into it this voice note hack is super useful and let's just say you're in a WhatsApp chat and you want to send a boys note then only gonna do of course is hold down on the mic icon and swipe up to lock it in place then of course say. What it is you want to say or record your voice but what you can then do is actually exit this chat completely just by swiping up and then if you head on back to the chat you will see the voice recording you just made at the bottom of the screen so now you can listen to your entire voice recording before sending it which is super awesome and it's by accide

WhatsApp Dark Mode How to enable Android & iOS

WhatsApp Dark Mode How to enable Android & iOS Finally what's the up-dock word is here and it's awesome guys we've been waiting so long for this and what's up you guys came through so in this video not only am I going to show you how it looks but also. How to activate it on iPhone and Android devices I also have a couple free dark mode wallpapers for you guys so stay in till the end to check those out but let's get into it by now I'm sure you guys know this is how WhatsApp has always looked but this new dark mode update looks really really good so as you can see it is totally identical in every other way and what. I like what they did is the message bubbles obviously have a darker color and did not stay a bright white and green so if you have an iPhone and you're on iOS 13 activating doc mode is really simple all you do is swipe down on the control panel and activate your phone's dark mode and then just like that it switches your WhatsApp over to

Whatsapp TIPS & TRICKS

Whatsapp TIPS & TRICKS Hello, all your beautiful faces out there welcome back to my channel today guys I have another tips slash tips tricks related video except this time it's all about oh sorry I'm really excited for those of you who don't know. what WhatsApp is it's essentially a free messenger app and it's gonna sleep so amazing check it out in an app store or play store it will blow your mind so I thought these trick and tips and tricks would be super useful I have 10 for you guys today and stay until the end of the video. because the last one I will share with you guys is my favorite one my number one my favorites but yeah if you do not just subscribe to please feel more than welcome to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy it share to do friends but other than that guys let's get into the video. did you know that you can make group video calls on WhatsApp it's super simple all you're gonna do is you gonna contact the first person so for in

Whatsapp Tips & Tricks - 7 USEFUL HIDDEN FEATURES

Whatsapp Tips & Tricks - 7 USEFUL HIDDEN FEATURES Guys did you know that Whatsapp has some pretty epic hidden features like sending messages to your friends in different songs when I found out some of these features I was like damn that's cool so I'm gonna show you guys seven useful hidden features that you can use on WhatsApp turns I and if you know of any Hidden features limiter in the comment section. I'd love to see them but guys let's get into the video okay so first up quick responses in order to use quick responses on WhatsApp all you need to do is go to memo or notes and type in all the quick responses you would like to have available so here I'm just saying hey cutie. I'm on my way home and sorry just busy we'll get back to you ASAP then all you do is you copy the text as you see me doing here and once you copy the text it automatically saves it in your clipboard I'm not a hundred percent sure if iPhone users have this clipboard function.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features Guys what's up to how you doing why is this making noise in this video I'm going to show you 15 tips tricks and pictures for all my glorious Samsung Galaxy S 9 users. Yes if you are new to my channel I have done many a tip trick and hack video I hope them linked in the cards or down below in the description box you know how it importantly stays until the end of the video because that is where. I will share the Big Boy the chief the king of the castle most majestic tip I have and you're not gonna want to miss it okay but yeah guys feel welcome to tickle that subscribe button give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it but let's get into the video okay first up a number one is pop-up windows so let's just say for instance you're on YouTube and you decide hmm I want to rather make this a pop-up window all you do is then swipe down diagonally across your screen and you will have a pop-up window on YouTube. wha

Whatsapp TIPS and TRICKS - you should try

I would gladly and do another one and you guys matched it so here we are with more tips also stains on the end because I'm gonna have some three WhatsApp downloadables for you guys by the way this video is sponsored by Squarespace whether you need inter main websites or online store make it a Squarespace. So guys let's get into it okay so the first thing I want to show you guys is some pretty epic customizing things you can do within WhatsApp so if you have a picture at the top where you can actually customize it quite a bit so firstly you can choose an emoji pop it wherever you want and then on the side here you can see this color rainbow bar you can actually change the color of the emoji. which is so cool from there you can also choose some other options so like here I chose this funny hand sign you can change the skin tone as well so I to try to match it a bit tips online and then from these guys if you want you can add a speech bubble but what's really cool is if you a

How To Read DELETED WhatsApp Messages

How To Read DELETED WhatsApp Messages Hey guys welcome back today I’m going to show you how to read deleted messages on Whatsapp you guys seem to love my Whatsapp videos so I’ll have more linked In the class in case you want to check Them out But let’s get into it so first up you’re gonna head over to the Play Store and in The search bar type in note e save it Should be roughly the first option available and this is what the icon Looks like just slam that it’s told Button and when it’s installed click on Open once you’ve opened up the app You’re gonna want to make sure you click Allow’ and in the settings section here. You are allowing no to save access to Your notifications so toggle that on and Then of course just read the Terms & Conditions because you are giving them access to your notifications then allow It access to your files and media then In this section over here you are going To want to toggle on all of these Applications and then toggle them off

WhatsApp Status 10 Creative Ideas

WhatsApp Status 10 Creative Ideas  what's up status there are a couple of cool things you can do to keep your stories a little extra dilemma I have 10 creative ideas that I want to show you guys that you can use within WhatsApp status using just yeah. okay also stay until the end of the video to design some free what's up status backgrounds for you guys to use so let's get into it okay so before we get into the actual designing. I wanted to go over a couple of things within WhatsApp status it works almost identically to Instagrams stories where you post about different things throughout your day and it deletes after 24 hours so if you click on these three dots next to your status you will actually see all the statuses you've created throughout the day and how many views they've got if you click on these dots next to each status. WhatsApp Status 10 Creative Ideas You can choose to forward to share or delete that exact status then if you click on these three dots in t

15 amazing iPhone XR Tips

15 amazing iPhone XR Tips Hey guys what's up to how you do in this video I'm going to be going through 15 iPhone tips and tricks that you may not have known existed okay definitely stay until the end of the video because there I will show you my favorite tip it is oh I also did a review on the iPhone 10 R. I'll have it linked in the cards in case you want to check it out but guys let's get into this first up the zoom window it's attacked three times with three fingers on the screen this zoom window will appear you can literally move it anywhere on the screen and as you can see it magnifies everything I particularly enjoy this for images. so you can really see what's going on in the image if you want and it works within any application to activate it head on over to settings click on general then accessibility and you'll see right at the top here zoom if you click on that make sure it's toggled on and then there are also a bunch of other settings you can


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