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Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S4 at a grand event in New York yesterday. This smartphone is equipped with the best hardware and software and it has many features that were not present in any other smartphone before. One such feature is the visual control of the smartphone. If the user removes his eyes from the screen of the mobile while watching the video, the video freezes there. The screen can also be scrolled by looking up and down like this. Another feature is Air Gestures, which allows the user to control the mobile screen with their hand gestures without touching it. It has a screen size of 5 inches with a maximum screen resolution of 1920 × 1080 and is Super AMOLED with a pixel density of 441 pixels per inch. It is powered by a 1.6 GHz 8-octa-core processor introduced by Samsung. However, in some countries a version of the S4 with a 1.9 GHz quad-core processor will be offered for sale. The memory (internal storage) installed in the phone is no less. It will be available in 16, 32

10 Tips for Protecting a Smartphone Battery

10 Tips for Protecting a Smartphone Battery International companies like Apple, Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia, HTC etc. are trying to offer the best smartphones nowadays. Powerful operating systems such as Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows are being used in these smartphones. Thanks to these operating systems, the user can play games on their smartphone, listen to songs, take pictures, use the Internet, watch movies and do many other things besides video chatting. The most important question that comes up again and again when building an operating system with maximum features and excellent performance for a mobile phone is about the battery of the mobile phone. The battery of a normal mobile phone or smartphone is such an important thing that the company and the consumer are concerned about it. These are the days of smartphones. Smartphones are the choice of everyone, thanks to their many attractive features, but their most important issue is the battery. A smartphone's battery la

Top Ten Security Tools For Your Smartphone

 If you forget to put your phone somewhere or it is stolen, you can understand how big a loss it is for you. How much important and valuable data you have in the phone. That's why it's important to install security applications on your smartphone to minimise the risk of damage. Many security applications today are available at low prices or absolutely free. This is a matter that should not be avoided even if you have to buy an application. Because this small amount is not very important to avoid huge losses. And secondly, when we buy a smartphone worth thousands of rupees, what is the big deal to buy an application to protect it. A special feature of these applications is location tracking, meaning you will be aware of the location wherever the phone is. This feature is not only used for fear of theft but is also a great feature to protect the family. For example, if all members of the family have such applications installed, it is easy to know who is where at the moment. Paren

mobile phone users in Pakistan

 According to a new survey sponsored by Google, there is a significant change in the way Pakistani users use the internet and in 2014 the number of internet users using smartphones will be higher than that of desktop users. ۔ Currently, about 91% of Internet users in Pakistan use desktop computers at home, which is why desktops are dominant, but 45% have a smartphone or tablet as well. 18% use these smart devices more than personal computers. Mobile devices are gradually gaining ground and 86% of Pakistani internet users use personal computers to access the internet on a daily basis, 77% use smartphones, while 59% use tablets daily. Due to this trend and in view of the upcoming 3G technology services, the prices of smartphones and tablets have come down. It is expected that feature phones equipped with internet facilities will also continue to play an important role. Power outages are also fueling the trend of using smartphones and tablets in Pakistan. Speaking on the occasion of the l
 Nokia's Android-based smartphone is expected soon According to highly credible sources, Nokia is preparing to launch an Android-based phone. The launch is expected in 2014. The website evleaks, which is known for publishing secret news, has also released two photos that allegedly belong to Nokia's Android phones. The code for this Android phone is Normandy. This phone is very similar to Nokia's Lumia Windows Phone and it also has a colorful cover made of polycarbonate. Microsoft bought Nokia a few months ago and the purchase is expected to be completed in early 2014. With that in mind, Nokia's launch of the Google Android phone is a surprise. However, for the past several years, rumors have been circulating that Nokia is working on Android phones, as seen by other companies. Microsoft has given Nokia a hefty sum to build a smartphone based on Microsoft Windows Phone.  But despite this, the news kept coming that Nokia is busy making Android phones. Nokia is thought to h

Which are the best smartphones at the moment?

With each passing year, smartphones are getting better and better. 2017 was a year of similarly affected smartphones and now it is becoming very difficult for the average consumer to choose a new phone. Even after analyzing the phones that have been released so far this year, it is difficult to say which is the best phone and everyone should take the same. But in terms of usage, it may be easier to decide because each user prefers a particular aspect. For some, the screen must be the best, for some it is a camera lover, for some it is a matter of life and death. So we will review the phones of the year 2017 from these aspects but remember that the search for the best is always expensive. The phone mentioned below will not be less than Rs 60,000 as the target is "search for the best", so price is not the topic at the moment. If this question is asked in general, two names will come first in the discussion of the best phone, iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 because most of the peo

The worst decline in smartphone sales to date due to covid 19

The worst decline in smartphone sales to date due to covid 19 The last few years have been tough for the smartphone industry as sales of devices continue to decline. But no company was ready for 2020 in which an epidemic has shaken the smartphone market, in fact this year was declared the year of improvement again due to 5G and foldable phones. But the statistics that are coming out now are shocking. The smartphone market suffered its biggest downturn in the second quarter of this year as a result of the Novel Corona virus epidemic. According to data released by smartphone market researcher Gartner, smartphone sales fell by 20.4% during April-June compared to the same period last year. Gartner reported in another report in May that smartphone sales fell 20.2 percent from January to March compared to the same period last year. According to a new report, people around the world have lost interest in smartphones due to the lockdown and economic slowdown as a result of Code 19. Most people

Can't stand the distance of your smartphone?

Or do you feel anxious and restless at a distance from your cell phone? So don't worry, this is common to most people today. This interesting discovery came out in a new study in the United States. Research from Ohio State University has shown that a person feels a lack of something and a sense of inferiority at a distance from their smartphone. The study, published in the journal Computers and Human Behavior, found that the feeling was not limited to a particular gender, but that both men and women were more likely than men to experience mood swings and anxiety at a distance from smartphones. ۔ Researchers say that when this happens, people start to feel fear and anxiety that I forgot my phone at home. Earlier, the same research team had developed a questionnaire in the past to estimate how much people rely on smartphones and it was named Nomophobia. For the new study, experts asked 495 people aged 18 to 24 in Portugal a questionnaire and filled out another form to assess psycholo

How to recover iTunes backup password?

There is no doubt that iTunes is important for everyone who is using an Apple device. Not only do you have to manage your music through iTunes, but also everything related to an Apple device. Content: Features of iTunes Why iTunes? Recover iTunes Backup Password 2018 You forgot your password You want something fast and reliable Installation Usage To draw conclusions How do I recover iTunes backup password? There is no doubt that iTunes is important for everyone who is using an Apple device. Not only do you have to manage your music through iTunes, but also everything related to an Apple device. There is no doubt that iTunes is important for everyone who is using an Apple device. Not only do you have to manage your music with iTunes, but you also have to manage everything related to an Apple device through software. This is definitely a good thing if you turn on and then encrypt iPhone backups in iTunes because you are protecting your data. However, forgetting the password can be a hass


 Freelancing If you are a web developer, know a programming language, have a thorough knowledge of some important software, speak English well, can type very fast, can do troubleshooting, know accounting well, write articles or press releases If you are good at anything, you can do "freelancing". If American and European companies or individuals hire local people for a job or project, they have to bear any expenses in addition to their salary. There are many companies that have offices in name only and they cannot afford to hire an individual. In such cases, the companies or individuals outsource the work to the online workers in cheap countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, China, and the Philippines, which is a very efficient way to do this work from a distance. Do from This also saves the employer and the employee gets better remuneration for their work than the local market. Advances and changes in the Internet and computers have made the outsourcing industry, and out

Make Money With AdSense

 Make Money With AdSense You may have noticed that when you type a word and search on Google , it also displays ads related to that word on the right side of the screen and above the results. The owners of these websites pay Google through the Google AdWords program to display these ads. Google earns a large portion of its revenue by displaying ads from these website owners on its search results pages. Google is not the only contributor to this revenue. You can also get your share by displaying these ads on your website through Google AdSense. Google launched the program on June 18, 2003, and Google AdSense is arguably the most effective way to make money online. Used properly, it can be a great source of income for you, but it's a matter of honesty because Google doesn't bother trying to bother. The way AdSense works is simple. You need to build a website and deliver it to as many users as possible through acceptable methods such as search engine optimization so that they visi

Legitimate means of earning money online without cheating

 Legitimate means of earning money online without cheating   How many of us are attracted to the internet by reading advertisements for earning money from home, online earnings , but when we come here, we are often disappointed that it is either a lie or not our job, but in fact, the problem is less of us. Knowledge is to draw the line after the past. The world has gone far beyond blogging etc. and today's article is being written in the context of the current situation that you can still make money from the internet but for that, you need to know the direction of the world and where it is going. Is going We have previously published two articles on online earning in computing. In which complete guidance was provided regarding freelancing and receiving the money earned through it. Making money online is possible and realistic but you need to know the right way. As well as learning the right way, you should also know how to avoid fraud, so it is better to read this article before yo

Make Money Online in Pakistan

friends now are the time  to shut down Facebook and join Pakistan's social media Islamic social media. This is the only social media of Muslims that you need and no one dares to say that it is Islam. If anyone speaks against it, the biggest benefit is to us Pakistani people and the biggest thing is that you get paid to spend your time here, which means if you like a post and you like it. If Soshiwan gives you money in return, join Soshiwan as soon as possible and take advantage of it. Friends, Soshiwan is a Pakistani social media on which you can earn money by commenting like a lion. There are many options to make money. Yes, you can start your source of income from just 10% at home. Use first need to send any money and then uyryfayy your account with only $ 10 annual fee kruayyn people spend time on Facebook can earn good money by giving them time susyuan are and not do anything just Like the lion's comment that the money in cash, you can take your jazz yupysh Easy money is

New Jazz Free Internet Code

1- For jazz (Moblink) sim pr free internet chlny dial * 844 # from your phone.  If you want to get 8Gb free internet, you have to dial this code and restart your phone.  2- For jazz free internet this is a brand new code * 832 # dial * 1301 # try this code also try noblink free internet enjoy.  For 3 jazz free internet, dial * 463 # or * 462 # * 114 * 6 # * 5555 #  Dial this code for 4-moblink jazz free internet. You will get 4000mbs from * 443 * 30 # * 551 #  5-Dial Mobilink Jazz 5GB FREE Internet Code * 117 * 91 #  To Check remaining MBs Dial Code * 117 * 91 * 2 #  6-To enjoy Mobilink Jazz FREE Internet dial this code and enjoy FREE 300 MBs Internet for next 03 days:

Healthy delivery of information

Healthy delivery of information Degrees in Health Communication prepare students for careers in a variety of fields and help them make positive social changes and deal with misinformation. In the wake of the coronavirus epidemic, public and healthy news experts have taken the lead in raising awareness and helping to prevent further spread of the virus. At the same time, they have tried to deal with misinformation. Clear communication has become an essential element of public health, with the goal of preventing disease as well as improving the quality of life for everyone. In this context, accurate information is essential for everything from disease prevention and treatment to interacting with patients through doctors, nurses, office staff, and insurance agencies. Effective discussion of topics such as immunizations, hygiene, and other safety precautions can make the difference between an outbreak of epidemic and a reduction in its spread to a more serious spread of Yuba. Thos

The best smartphone with a budget of less than seven thousand HONOR 9S!

The best smartphone with a budget of less than seven thousand HONOR 9S! HONOR has launched its brand new smartphone which is much better than the budget smartphones available in the Indian market. The feature of the HONOR 9S is that it has the best features as well as being within the budget of the people, as well as being a very light, compact, and quite slim smartphone. It has a 5.45 inch (13.8 cm) full view display, comfort mode, Android 10 dark mode. It comes with 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, and dual 4G Nano-SIM, in which you can expand the memory card up to 512GB with the help of three card slots. Priced at Rs 7,000, the smartphone runs on the company's flagship Magic UI 3.1 based on Android 10. The stunning 5.45-inch (13.8 cm) HD screen will give you a cinematic-level experience. Also with a resolution of 720x1440 pixels, this phone has the ability to view anywhere in + HD, 16M colors, and 295ppi pixel density. You'll want to carry this 144-gram lightweight and 8.35 mm thin phone


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